All you need to do is,

  1. Apply in writing or email, give a history of your qualifications and reason why you would like to own a franchise.
  2. Pay a small entrance fee, which is calculated per homes expected to be constructed per year.
  3. Pay a ongoing fee of $1,100 inclusive of GST for each home that you enter into a contract to build, paid monthly.

Benefits of being an Austart Homes franchisee,

  1. Have the use of Austart Homes house plans that have a proven track record in there ability to satisfy the demands of the purchaser, fully drafted, engineered and with a full bill of quantities.
  2. Be able to work on our web based computer servers that allows you to use the building, drafting, payroll and all other software needed to run you building business from any where, even the bonnet of your car, this will allow you to estimate, quote, order, pay for all labour and materials, process claims and receipt them, process contract variations, do profit and loss reports, do balance sheet reports, calculate WIP reports, draft plans, pay your wages, etc.
  3. The only software and computer needed by you is a basic computer with internet explorer and an internet account and or use someone else's, say at an internet cafe.
  4. All franchisees will have the benefit of Austart Homes fully maintained web site.
  5. All franchisees will have the benefit of Austart Homes email system.
  6. Purchase of all marketing and building material at very competitive prices and with no time lost in obtaining quotes and shopping around for good reliable suppliers.
  7. Have the assurance that the Austart Homes server and operating system is on the leading edge of technologies and the system and data bases are backed up daily.
  8. Become a member of a group of home builders that share information and support each other in becoming the best in there area.

Austart Homes Australia
PO Box 694 Port Douglas QLD 4877
Phone: 1300 2878278
Email: charmaine@austarthomes.com.au

Phillip Matthews,
Director, Austart Homes Australia Pty Ltd